Friday, August 12, 2011

Tee Gee Ay Effff

If you realize, I've done a lil makeover to my blog. Been using the same ol template for the past few months and its boring me. And apparently I have been too ignorant to check out the new settings that existed prolly around 3 years back. And now, blogging seemed so much easier! -____- FML. Big thankyou to a friend of mine who helped me gain some sense, at the very least. She found out a year ago- thats not too bad. Considering I am a I.T nuts, I forgive my self-proclaimed stupidity. Shucks. 

This is another 'i-feel-like-blogging-but-i-dont-know-what-to-write' post. Life has been too hectic, and my brain seemed to be failing on me, numerous times already. My days are mundanely occupied with Uni and gym, some facebook & twitter breaks in between ( thats for sure).

Such is life! 

Its 5.35pm on a rainiy Friday evening. Thank God Its Friday! (woohoo) I can be so self-contradicting at times; I just don't understand. 

Enjoy the string of pictures. Pic-spam! 

Thank god for this isn't another typical advertorial/ review/blog contest. No obligations, no rules, no regulations. I prefer to write like that. So moooooooody.

Its raining, and I miss _____________________.

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