Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sadist's Saturday.

While everybody's out and about in the town enjoying the perfect weekend (with a perfect weather for mount climbing), I am stucked with my piled-up assignments. Just how awesome my weekend can be, at times. ( Not all the time, unless I unleash the procrastinate queen in me- which I already have). 

I am such a good procrastinator, nuff said. 

(Excuse that pallid, anemic face of mine - I'm lucky to have survived the week!) 

Had to pretend like I am reading journals with all seriousness ( and not camwhoring). Also, I can be such a failure at times. Or rather; all the time! Bad habits will never leave will they? 

So much happened over the week. If you happen to follow my twitter, your timeline would be badly spammed by my emotional and bipolar tweets. Really need time to regain myself. 

Now, if only I can write as flowly as I am right now when doing my assignments; I'd be so thankful. 
An essay of 1000 words is calling KILL ME NOW. 


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