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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Penang

The very much long awaited Johnnie Walker Black Circuit is making its big return!  And this time, without the slightest doubt; its going to be BIGGER & BETTER! Johnnie Walker is bringing you to a VIP Race party and this time round they are coming with the waves  of drinks at none other than one of our favourite island, Penang! 

Yes that's definitely a good news for you fellow Penang people! You heard that!  

JOHNNIE WALKER the world's number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia will continue the iconic and successful series of glamorous Black Circuit race parties by launching the first event of its kind in Penang ( yes, you heard that!). Exclusively for loyal JOHNNIE WALKER fans, aficionados and society high flyer, the BLACK CIRCUIT PENANG will whisk guests into the luxurious lifestyle of international motorsport on Thursday, August 25th at a secret location to be revealed only few days before the party. 

Needless to say, JOHNNIE WALKER is once again offering our fellow Malaysian bloggers an exclusive opportunity to be part of the privileged few to experience the high-flying lifestyle enjoyed by 
McLaren Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. 

Gentlemen, start your engine! Ladies, get your whisky glasses ready! 

Nonetheless, we all should know the consequences and the ground rules of driving. Never try to kill two birds with one stone. DRINK AND DRIVE; that probably the last thing you'll want to do! 

Hence the Big Question! 

Johnnie Walker always encourages people to stay in control, including joining the pact to never drink and drive ( Tell us in 250words or less why responsible drinking is important to you, and what you think would effectively get others to take the message seriously. 

Looking at the success of our Johnnie Walker, the provision of alcohol is truly unlimited. There will always be a never ending supply of alcohol for their loyal Johnnie Walkers. Having said that, it is always quality above quantity when it comes to drinking responsibly. It doesn't matter how much you consume, but how well you consume. Cultivating the taste, and not racing to finish the drinks. Life is too short and precious to be wasted on our impetuous acts. When we lose track of our limits, things will definitely go bad under such uncontrolled dosage of alcohols.

Nevertheless, when there is a will, there is a way. I personally think that the most effective way to get people to take the message seriously is by having more Johnnie Walker campaigns whereby not only the loyal Johnnie Walkers get to know more about the drinks they consume but it is also a very effective alternative to incorporate 'Responsible Drinking' in them. Awareness campaigns like this will be sure to enhance the responsibility among the people. Besides, getting celebrities to also be a part of campaigns like this will be sure to attract even more attention that it already has. By then, everybody will be able to make a cause, enjoy the drinks and drink responsibly! That makes driving so much safer. And more JW to come! 

Now, thats killing three birds with one stone. Way to go Johnnie! 

Now, if you've been pondering; when and how did JOHNNIE WALKER & F1 started collaborating? 

Johnnie Walker is the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 because they both share the  values of innovation, winning and leadership. 

The last time I stepped into The Black Circuit back in April 2011 at Le Marquee, I had so much fun that I was so reluctant to go home! Yes, it was that much of fun in there. We were all treat like VVIPs and needless to say, the drinks served were of Top Class! That goes without saying. Knowing that Johnnie Walker is making another big comeback, I am already at the edge of my seat anticipating for the Circuit week to come!

Extra gists: 
The 2 bloggers (with the best blogs) whom Johnnie Walker will be announcing as winner will stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for 2D1N in Penang at the modern chic G Hotel with a friend on Thursday August 25th to experience the JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK CIRCUIT PENANG race party in VIP style. Winners will also receive rare access to interview the world-class DJs spinning at the party.

Now, if thats not exclusivity.. what is?!

For a better view of how the previous Black Circuit Lounge was, click HERE.

And I bet none of you would want to miss any deets about the upcoming luxurious and exclusive party. Hence, head onto the Johnnie Walker Malaysia Official Facebook Page to make sure you're not left out!

You wouldn't want to miss the chance to be part of the best party of the year. Therefore, listen to what Johnnie has to say; NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

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