Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nadhira Album Launch 12 SHADES

I am pretty sure most of you are already familiar with the hitz.fm Morning Crew's latest parody 'Hitam Kuning' in conjunction with our biggest football match of the year; HARIMAU MALAYA VS. MERLIONS. Yes the one featuring Nadhira - our very own Malaysian born songwriter/ singer. And as of late, she has just launched her latest album 12 SHADES at Laundry Bar @ e-Curve. Great songs, great companies!

July 28, 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Malaysian-born singer songwriter NADHIRA is back following her global travels to find inspiration with her second album – 12 SHADES! The album was launched at an invite only event for members of the media, selected fans, local celebrities and musicians. It features 10 English and 2 Bahasa Malaysia tracks. An after party, open to members of the public and other fans of Nadhira, followed the event which marked the beginning of a new campaign presented in collaboration with The MoveMint.

The first single off the album – Tear Us Apart – features Ron E Jones and was produced by Tom Diesel, both based in Australia. Tear Us Apart is a seamless duet about the strength and bond of love. Available for preview at www.nadhiraworld.com, it made its national debut through Hitz.FM last month and has joined the playlists of several other local, regional and online radio stations since then.

“It’s been an amazing year and even the way this album came together is a story in itself. For instance, the lead single off 12 Shades happened to be the last song I recorded for the album. After meeting Ron E Jones while he was visiting Malaysia to work with a select group of artists, we decided that it would be a wonderful collaboration if we could work together. The result is Tear Us Apart. The fact that Tom Diesel was available to produce the track just made it that much more special,” said Nadhira.

A classically trained pianist, Nadhira has over the years moved in various directions including rock, blues, jazz, soul and R&B. These began to make their presence felt on her inaugural album “From Malaysia with Love” that was launched to critical acclaim in 2010. 12 Shades takes her infinitely matured skills and talents to new heights and presents her fans old and new alike an intriguing exploration of life, love and everything in between as seen through this songbird’s eyes.

Truth be told, I never knew that big voice airing almost daily in our local radio stations could be from such a petite lovely lady *facepalm! and of course, not forgetting her amazing edgy haircut! I must say I love it!

photo credits to Lifestyleasia.com

The night ended with a smile on our faces as we had such great time humming to the melodies of the beautiful lyrics and later on; a great match which kept us at the edge of our seats throughout the entire match! ( oh no, I didn't miss the simultaneous double bicycle kick!).

What better way than having Penne Bolognese & mushroom soup (oh! and some beer) while
watching football -good thing that I didn't have to squeeze in with the oceans of people in the stadium.
And a great company, that goes without saying ;)

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