Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drank, Danced, Died.

It was definitely another weekend worth sacrificing my workouts at the gym. My plan to kidnap Billiesooi back home, down-south has FINALLY succeeded! Well, if you're wondering that took me almost a year to plan and etcetera -_____- And of course, compromise, willingness and sincerity from the Guest of the weekend!

Nevertheless, it was indeed a trip worth remembering. Despite the long hours of drive- we made it we made it ( I can be really annoying at times #FACTS). He finally met my Mom, Dad, Grandma, uncle, aunty etc etc. Well, not like we're getting married or whatnot ( still far from that) ; but the fact that its my first time bringing a guy home- introducing him to most of my family. Well, its something for me ;)

Fine, lets drop that.

Couple of #FUNFACTS yo'.

#1. I've been 'living' in Johore for the past 19years and it was my first time out partying #fail

'living' - Sometimes I think my life is way too complicated to be put into words. Let me summarize them all once and for all ;) Having to be born in Johore, I moved to Ipoh at the age of 5 and has been living in the small town eversince. Until recently (2years ago), I decided reside in Kuala Lumpur to further my studies ;) Hence, the inverted comma 'LIVING'.

Now, that was a couple of #FACTS.

And a few more along the way! ;)

#FACT: The Zon is the only zone in Johore ( besides the airport) where you get to buy duty-free goods! However, goods ( usually Whiskeys and cigarettes) are not allowed to exit the zone unless you sneak em out ;) Immigrations will getcha!

#FACT: Most of them during the night were mostly soon-to-be-doctors!

#FUNFACT: I even bumped into a guy ( in the club!) wearing a MONASH shirt -____-
SERIOUSLY? Who would've thought. Uni will never spare me. I'm dead.

Well he was probably sent by my guardian angel from heaven to remind me about my never ending assignments. Boohoo!

#FACT: These are my lovers today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life!

Will think of more #FACTS for later. And as for now, Taaa!

*more interesting posts coming right up! Find out what I did during my BEAUTY TREATMENT FROM ADVANCED BEAUTY SLIMMING CENTRE!

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