Tuesday, February 5, 2013

VLOG | First Attempt

Click on the IMAGE to watch my video aite! :) 

Before I proceed, just a little heads up. The image above is an image but you can CLICK on it to WATCH MY VIDEO :) 

Walk the talk, hey? ( Because I have been talking about doing a proper VLOG since forever - though this could have been better. I'm such badass at editing videos and such :P ) 

Well, I actually recorded this VLOG a week ago and I was a little (just a little) too shy to upload it and hence, the minor delay. But all's good now :P Managed to nurture a little more self-confidence. But then again, it was TOTALLY IMPROMPTU! 

Which then explains the excessive rants and blabbers and such ;) 

I HAVE SO MUCH TO UPDATE YOU GUYS ON. Looks like, I'll have something MORE to talk about on my second VLOG! A tad excited but that can wait, because.. CHINESE NEW YEAR is approaching and and and .. I can't wait to get my ANG (BAOs) on! 

Will be updating you guys (as usual) through my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER

Much love xx 

1 comment:

Juanita Ramayah said...

YOU SO CUTE! LOL! Reformat the card, babe. :*