Monday, February 25, 2013

U Mobile Print Ad


One of the most exciting and enjoyable shoot that I've been to thus far. Mostly because, it was MY FIRST PRINT AD JOB, ever! Literally jumped with joy when I received the news from the agency. Thank you so much guys, and of course the team behind U Mobile for selecting me as your talent :) And now, I finally understand the emotions and hard work put behind all those print ads I see EVERYWHERE!

Not complaining but the input of time, effort and energy for that ONE perfect shot.. was way beyond my expectation. I thought TVC shoot was hectic enough, but print ads are equally... time consuming too ;P Nonetheless, I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of the project this time around. It was a pleasure to be working with such an amazing & enthusiastic team! xx

Just a simple one to share my experience throughout the shoot. There's nothing much to disclose, but hey! U MOBILE is now having some new data packages that you may wanna check out ;)

Hardwares and apparatus for the shoot
Photographer had to climb up the ladder to shoot me. Talk about professionalism! 
And some never seen before shots ..

Spotted this on China Press. 

Don't stop surfing! 

Guess I'll be surfing on their website for sometime ;) 

And there you go, my print ad shoot for U Mobile this year. The TVC has yet to be released but I will keep you guys posted on my TWITTER & INSTAGRAM

Another BTS post of the TVC will be up at a later date. Quite excited to see it on screen because ( well, better not spoil it ;P ) Stay tuned for my upcoming post. Hint-hint : something to do with HEALTH & FITNESS ;)

Till then ♥

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