Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hello there!

Wow, the past one week has been EXTREMELY FATTENING. No thanks to the annual mandarin oranges & CNY cookies marathon, and the never-ending reunion dinners! But then again, its one of the happiest CNY that I've had. Nothing beats the joy of being able to spend time with your loved ones, no? 

Of course, as my title suggests - its VOGUE TUESDAY which I have obviously abbreviated to VOGuesday, whichever way you'd like to pronounce it ;P As long as my message/idea comes across, right. Well, Chinese New Year is definitely the time of the year when all of us are somehow obliged to shop for new clothes, shoes and everything else! (nyeh nyeh nyeh). Though I do it religiously throughout the year , CNY should be NO EXCEPTION! 

Well, I'm such a lucky monkey (yup, if you're wondering why of all animals- MONKEY ; that's my horoscope) this year as I had my all-time-favourite (no bias intended) blogshop to provide me with some of my outfits. It actually took me sometime to compile all the pictures because some weren't suitable for the hot CNY weather. Whatever it is, In House Fashion or also known as IHF has known to supply top notch fashionable wear for the ladies. 

And I'm happy to be able to get hold of these..

#1. Fit & Flare Laced Dress 

Maggy Wears : 
Denim Outerwear - from Bangkok 
Dress - IHF 
Belt - mysteriously appeared in my closet
Sling pouch - Cotton On 
Wedges - ALDO 

#2. Madden Crystal Detailed Blouse (in Nude) 

Maggy Wears :
Top - IHF 
Shorts, flats, studded bag - Bangkok 
Accessories - Germany 


Maggy Wears: 
Top - IHF 
Shorts - Cotton On 
Slippers - Havaianas 
Cap - Sister's own 
Bag - Bangkok 

Always happy to be donned in pretty outfits! Remember, there's no ugly girls only lazy girls. That being said, stay tuned for my Fad Friday post this coming .. (well, duh!) Friday at 1300hours. 

Till then, fab people! xx 

p/s: I will be posting up a couple of post-CNY workouts soon! Like I always say ..


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