Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wardrobe feat Covetz

Too often, men neglects the notion of well-dressing especially when it comes to the Malaysian culture. I do not mean to criticize or by any chance offend anyone but I personally think that 'it can't be blamed' especially when people, especially Malaysians are too worry about being judged. Fashion should be eternal and individualistic. But too often than not, we "Malaysians" are just too afraid to experiment. 

I have always adored "Men in Suits". Classy, timeless and with a touch of sophistication. That's a perfect blend don't you think? Speaking of which, Wardrobe has successfully created 21st century master craftmanship tailoring with a complete range of distinguished made to measure services, retail ambience and more to revolutionize traditional tailoring for the 21st century gentlemen. 

It was indeed a privilege to be invited to Wardrobe's Private Screening of "Made to Malaysiana" at Aristo Zouk, KL. I will let the pictures do its magic. I was blown away by the differences these tailor-made suit made, which obviously was well-fitted on the men. Giving them, a whole new look entirely! Which I think most Malaysian men are (still) lack off. 

"to be the best in every detail of your individual self, be it intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, and of course, how well you wear your suit is how a modern gentleman should live". 

Made to measure suits for the 21st century urban gentlemen. 
Cotton sports jacket for a casual 'flair'. 
Azure blue cotton double breasted jacket for a casual flair. 
Confident stride in a perfectly fitted made to measure suit. 
Single breasted button suit, minimal with clean lines.
Made to measure for the most diverse of personalities. 

Well, I wish I was donned in suits but I opted for something hot and flashy instead. I didn't wanna blend in with the gentlemen, I wanted to stand out ;) Well, the perks of being a 21st century woman. We have an array of fashion lines and style to choose from. Nontheless, I was donned in a "One Shoulder Mini Dress" by Covetz. Check out their website by clicking on THIS and they have a variety of quality apparels that you ladies can choose from. Follow them on Twitter @Covetzdotcom! 

I absolutely loved the red and flashy colour. Perfect for a night out especially in clubs, where you'll surely be in the centre of attention. Everyone who came up to me was saying "Wow, I love your red dress! Its impossible not to spot you amongst the crowd!". All thanks to Covetz for the dress! Ladies, you know what to do ;) 

Graze and myself. 
I was 'obviously' getting into a laugh. 
Soo Aun x Billisooi x myself 
Red lips, timeless- no?  

It was another night with filled with fabulous people and fashion fashion fashion. If you'd like the man of your life to have a well tailor-made suit, there shouldn't be anymore doubts. Wardrobe is your ultimate choice! There will be more of them and do stay tuned for more updates. 


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