Friday, July 20, 2012

Hennessy Rocked Penang!

This is probably long overdue but better late than never! To the PR Team, please accept my sincere apology, I have been tremendously busy with work and even Sundays are my work days ;( But here you are, the long overdue post that I've been keeping ;P 

 It was my first time ever being invited to an all-expense paid trip to Penang to party! All thanks to Hennessy Malaysia of course. Wouldn't have gotten the exclusive privilege if it wasn't for the awesome team ;) Oh and not forgetting my awesome peeps from Malaysia Hottest Bloggers!  We flew to Penang on a Saturday morning and back on Sunday noon. We were too well taken care off ;P 

Met lots of amazing personalities along the way. We bonded, for sure and I sure did enjoyed my short-lived getaway! 

[pictures are arranged in chronological order unless stated otherwise] 

The Jessicat
She totally photobombed. 

Upon our arrival at the airport, we were shuttled towards Straits Quay for lunch and the Media Press Conference with the performing starts of the night. Everything was very well planned and things went as scheduled. Proper planning and time management is the essence when it comes to event planning. And this time, everything was tip-top!

If you haven't been to Blue Reef, then its time you do! I absolutely loved their salmon ( I opted for something less oily, grilled and hence the salmon) but don't hesitate to try the rest of the menu. Its hard to pick the best dish. Everything was so good!

We were the first to arrive at the venue (Straits Quay Convention Centre) and everything was already well set-up. Took a lil tour around and then moved onto the Press Conference. We were pretty knackered (woke up EXTREMELY early) and time was running out. Nonetheless, managed to pull everything off and went back to hotel to prepare ourselves for the big night!

Photo credit: Xiangcool 

VJ Rich doin' his thang. 
Lollipop F 
Suki Low & Andi Moor
Performing stars of the night

Things happen when you least expect them to. How true! Actually bumped into my highschool mates from Ipoh, in Penang! And of all places, it had to be Penang. But it was really nice to catch up with the girls after 3 years! How time flies huh.

I had the room all by myself! Actually whatsapp-ed Nita to see if she wants to join me (HAHA). I have this phobia of being alone in hotel rooms. God knows why -.- Too influenced by the horror movies which is just why they should stop producing horror genres, seriously! Unhealthy and a waste of time, no?

Thank you G-Hotel! 

Love having the bathroom all by MYSELF! 

This shot says it all. Nuff said. 

Unfortunate for me, I spent too much time doing my hair in the hotel's salon. Zero napping time. By the time I left my room for dinner, my energy level was already halfway through survival. But dinner surely did help a lil. The wagyu beef was perfection! I'm craving for Jap cuisine now ;(

Baby Esty! 

Everything else after the red-carpet should be self-explanatory. Hennessy Artistry is one of the best parties in town! Great place, awesome people, loved the music, drinks- do you even have to ask? 

Berry and Apple flavor were my favourites! 
(I am no alcohol-fan but I must admit, the drinks served were blended with perfection. And with a twist of various flavors, I gave in!) 

Lollipop F mesmerizing their fangirls. 
VJ Holly and VJ Rich were the host of the night! 
Andi Moor and his music. 

It was also a farewell party for a friend of mine, Stefanie Chua who's now based in London to pursue her modeling career. I'm pretty sure you are already familiar with this bombshell gracing the covers of magazines and appearing in TV Commercials. I can't wait to see her bloom! xx

I couldn't really remember what happened towards the end of the night. I tried retrieving them via my camera the next day and I only found this (above). All I remembered was falling onto my bed and the next thing I knew it was breakfast time! ;)

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper - they say. Who cares if you're in Penang! Nobody resists food haven. Thank god I worked out enough before coming here because, I KNOW what Penang had to offer ;) It was my first time to Penang after, 5 years? Quite alot of changes but who cares, its still as good! Time wasn't on our side but the next time I visit Penang, I will make it a point to go for their hawker food!

All in all, it was indeed a great trip. Energy drained, but it was well worth it. I'm already anticipating for their next party. Once again, I'd like to thank Hennessy Malaysia for the opportunity to be able to experience the VIP Party Style. Till then, keep your party hats on. Will be back for more! xx

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