Thursday, July 5, 2012

Singapore 2012 | Universal Studio

Planned on a trip to Lion City a month ago but all thanks to my busy self that I totally forgotten about the accommodations ( worst to worst, I can always head back to JB- NO PROBLEMO). The trip was short-lived but certainly adventurous. Twas more like a backpacking trip (only lasted for a night). Had to walk around Chinatown to hunt for rooms and most of them are expensive! >.< 

We walked and walked and walked and somehow ended up in a backpackers inn (will post up photos in the next post). Little did we (billiesooi & I, of course) know that we actually ended up in Clark Quay (ok, they were neighboring areas so its not like we walked for hours LOLOL). 

But like most Singaporeans, we travelled on foot and took to the MRT to access most places. I must say, they have really efficient monorail system (KUDOS!). We purposely planned on a low-budget trip and looks like we KLites are way too used to driving and gettin' stucked in massive traffics. We can't get used to human traffics, just yet. Probably its just me.

HOW TO GET TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE ( If you're travellin' on foot) 
This is probably one of the many alternatives. But hope this would help, if not alot :)
Take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and alight at the Harbour Front station; purple line (Interchange at respective stations depending on where you're coming from). That would be the last stop for the North-East line train system. Once you leave the station, look for directions to Vivocity ( its a mall). And head up to Level 3 where you'll see people queuing for tickets.

It shouldn't be too hard to get there. Twas our first time and glad that we weren't lost. Just ask around if you need to ;)

FYI- and that's like approximately RM9 for a train ride thats less than 1km -.- 

Anyway! This post will be spammed by photos during my visit to The Universal Studio @ Sentosa Island. Left my camera somewhere. Actually, I think I kinda misplaced it *panic attack! 

Behold my fellow readers. The journey is about to begin *drumrolls. 

Oscars 2012 goes to..
"The BEST ACTRESS for Oscars 2012 goes to MAGDELINE WANG" - that was probably the most unforgettable moment in my life. Thank you all for the neverending support. I wouldn't have gotten this far without my family, friends & and fans. I will be busy with my upcoming role in....  *coughs!  

Haha. I shall stop living in denial. Somebody give me a smack! But I really liked the idea of the Oscars. Now everyone can feel special! Oh, the charm of Hollywood. Make sure you get yourself one if you ever visit USS. 

I am no adrenaline-junkie. I will NEVER volunteer for sky high rides (The G-Force episode during Beautycamp, I HAD NO CHOICE - watch it from my "Videos" column; Episode 3). I'd really want to meet the innovator/creator of these 'bloody' roller coaster rides. They must've been helloava bunch of mischievous kids OR freaks, maybe. SERIOUSLY, I just can't enjoy the thrill and when my heart goes *druuuup downright to the ground. I just can't. 

But the Transformers ride, just BLEW ME AWAY. Amazing 4D effects. Nuff said. You know what to do ;) 

Arrived at Sentosa Island at around 2pm and we underestimated the place. It was pretty huge but, "its only 1/4 of the Universal Studio Japan", says Billiesooi. Well, to those who has never been to Universal Studios, the one in Singapore should be majestic enough to blow you away. At least, I was.  It was almost like I've stepped into a Land of Fairytale. (Okay, that's the whole idea lah).  

All in all, twas a great day spent at my favorite (thus far) Land of Fairytale. Have yet to try to Intergalatic (however you spell it) Roller Coaster ride though. Will need to plan on another trip with MORE people and get forced onto the rides.  

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. Excuse my late posts, currently interning at a Social Media Company and hence, the lack of tweets (as compared to my usual routine) and FB updates. HAHA. 

Catch you soon lovers! xx 

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