Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Friday, Dude.

Not exaggerating but I've never been THIS hyped about weekends! Oh the joy of FRIDAYS. Now, I really understand the meaning TGIF from deep down within my tiresome body! I've always wondered how it is like to be working in a closed environment with four walls facing you from 9-5pm. DAMN. Well, I can't complain. But my job has been pretty interesting thus far. I'm a student of life and will always be. Gaining knowledge whilst earning some pocket money, that's no harm for sure ;) But then of course, I also can't wait to venture in my upcoming pathway. Keeping my level of positivity at a plateau at the moment (because sometimes, we just get tired of waiting) but giving up shouldn't be an option. Just so you know.

ANYWAY, I'm gettin' off  work earlier today *rejoice! Heading back to Ipoh for the weekend. But the workload that I'm havin right now, le sigh. Hope everybody else is also keeping their chin up. All things goes to those who wait- YES, seemed legit. BUT the best things goes to those who fight for it. But for now, party up your weekend because..



Mabel Low said...

WOW newly edited header! Neatly done, Mags! :D

Simple Person said...

TGIF .. enjoy all the ipoh good food

Magdeline Wang said...

Thank you @Mabel!
I will try not be a glutton! :) @simpleperson