Saturday, July 7, 2012

Singapore 2012 | Journey down-south!

Continuing from my previous post, my short-lived trip to Lion City had too many pictures that its impossible to fit into one post. And hence, this second one. Its more like a sum-up of the entire trip; not exactly in chronological order- I can't be bothered. Its not like it matters anyway. HAHA! 

The initial plan was to take a public bus all the way from JB but the thought of the human mass traffic pulled me back (the KLmadness syndrome!). Mumsy offered to drive us into Lion City (ok, even better. saves time, energy and $$$). Dropped us off at Chinatown and we went hunting for rooms. My inner kiam-siapness couldn't help it but to convert the currency, EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

"$1.50 for a bottle of mineral water" - WAH. THATS LIKE RM3.75 for water ONLY?! 
"$3 for my favourite MARS chocolate bar" - WAH. THATS LIKE RM7 for MARS?!  
"$6 for corndog" - WALAO. HUNGRY ALSO I WONT BUY MAN! 
"$6.50 for orange juice" - OK NOT THIRSTY ANYMORE
"$9 for wanton noodles" - EH, IPOH ONLY RM 3.50 OK! 

Thank God for Billiesooi otherwise I'll probably starve to death (nyeh nyeh). I mean, come on! Isn't that a little overpriced? I'd rather spend on shopping than to spend on overpriced food. Girls, you've gotta agree with me! 

We enquired for about 5-6 different accommodations along the way and they were mostly overpriced. Its probably because of the area we were at. Apparently the closer you are to the city centre, the higher the rates. Well, true that. Time was running out and we needed a shelter. ANYHOW, we managed to settle into a backpackers inn along Hong Kong Street. If I knew that there were NO lift access to our room on the 4th floor and we had to SHARE bathroom, I wouldn't have agreed. But, beggars can't be choosers. Haha. I decided on a low-budget trip and I've gotta stick with it.


To honest, the room wasn't too bad! Two single beds, one cupboard, a fully functional TV (thank God!), free wifi with pretty strong signals, reading lights by the beds, sufficient sockets and of course, a huge mirror. "Okay, this should suffice." - and it DID. Probably I was too knackered by the time I get back to our inn. There are actually alot more backpackers inn around the area but they're usually dormitory rooms of 5 person per room. We wanted to stay at Rucksack Inn or Beary Good Hostel -  they are usually the better ones (I've seen!) but rooms were fully booked. 

So if you ever plan on a backpackers trip or a low budget trip, try these inns ;) Usually only $28/ night. 

Since I was already in Singapore, I could not NOT visit Marina Bay Sands. Since everybody was hyping about the whole high-end shopping mall and infinity pool etc. I had to go. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the place ♥.♥ 

We arrived at around 10.30pm and I was thinking "the malls must be closed by now". But who knew, miracles DO happen. Apparently most of the retail stores closes at midnight only. I sprang with joy. Muahahaha. It was my FIRST time actually really visiting Singapore besides just Woodlands (where my aunt stays), hence the over excitement. (HAHA). I wasn't exactly dressed to impress, it was more like a comfort wear. I also notice that most Singaporean girls really are dressed to the nines, even if they have to travel via MRT.

If it was in Malaysia, you'll either be robbed or harassed, be it verbally or physically. Not trying to embarrass my fellow Malaysians, but the crime rates especially in Klang Valley- are beyond words can say. Its really really disheartening. Newspapers can't even come out with new taglines no more. "Another woman robbed in mall carpark", another THIS, another THAT. Please be aware of your surroundings and always be alert! Its time I replace my pepper spray with a parang.

Back to Marina Bay Sands, ME LOVE THE MALL! Need to plan another visit, pronto! xx

I was blown away by this spectacular light and water show by Marina Bay Sands. Their very own Fountain Show with multimedia shows which consists of fountain, surround sound, video projection, LED lighting, spotlights and so many other special effects! Best of all, it was FREE and all you need to do is just BE THERE and BE AMAZED ;)

Headed back to Clark Quay after that for a few drinks before we knocked off. So many places, too little time! We then settled in a Persian bar/ restaurant, caught up with life and talked about our yesterdays and tomorrows :) Well, now you know where to go if you need a drink and a great company! Aplenty can be found here yo.


I'd lie if I say I didn't shop. Way too many varieties and again, TOO LITTLE TIME. Well, there's always not enough time when it comes to shopping ;) But I sure did enjoy my retail therapy away from home. Only visited ION Ochard & Somerset. I literally lost myself when I stepped into H&M, even Billiesooi had hard time convincing me to leave ;P 

New tote for work! 

A little surprise Billiesooi got me :) Thanks LOVE!

Another visit - already in my TO-DO list. Now that I'm back home, there's so much more work/ obligations awaiting me. Working while studying may not be the best option but I'd really want to know how it is really like to MULTITASK. If I could do it during Beautycamp, why not now? But then of course, the amount of stress with work can't be compared to being in a pageant. 

Received an email yesterday and I GOT SHORTLISTED! I won't reveal what it is for now until I make up my mind. I've made a vow to concentrate fully on my studies before I embark on anything else. Temptations can be really bad, or maybe good in my case. Ugh, decisions. 

Maybe I should just.. 

Stay tuned for my next post that's long overdue ;P 


karen90 said...

Wow it must be a shopping heaven there.Wonder if there's some place that could really buy nice clothes and the price is also quite reasonable too.:)

Magdeline Wang said...

Hi Karen.

Yes it was a shopping heaven. So good, that I couldn't stop. I am still in the midst of finding out better places to shop though! I heard Bugis was another shopping heaven.

Have yet to find out. Once I do, I'll definitely share it! :)