Saturday, May 26, 2012

Standard Chartered Fun Run 2012

Just a quick update via Blogger App. First time blogging thru my phone haha. And to be honest, just downloaded this app 5 seconds prior to this post.

Pictures from today's Standard Chartered Fun Run @ Putrajaya in conjunction w Youth's Day (Hari Belia)!

Won't talk much - this whole blogging via iPhone is kinda restricting and decreases efficiency as well ;( so yup, had great time w the fellow peeps & definitely looking forward to the next Run- if only time permits.

Approaching our finish line. 

Determination and perseverance got us there. 

Completed my 3km run within 15minutes along w my running buddy from SEEING IS BELIEVING charity association. He may be visually impaired but his determination was mountain high and did not stop for drink nor a short breather. Such an inspiring kid! And most importantly, he sees through his heart! How beautiful can that be?

It was definitely worth my 5am wake-up call on a Saturday :)

Pullman Lakeside Hotel, Putrajaya. 

The Clan! 

Wen Chai, my running buddy! I really do salute and adore this 14-year-old boy's determination. You should've seen how adamant he was! 

WE DID IT! *thumbs up for everyone! 

The costume runners. Very creative. 

The gentlemen from An Honest Mistake! 

Group shot! #candid 


lina said...

Hi. Came visiting from Simple Man's blog.

Good job on the run. :)

Magdeline Wang said...

Thank you Lina!

Michael Yip said...

WAH! You got so many photos from the Run ... in comparison .. malu saya mia gambarz.