Monday, May 7, 2012


Lately, I tend to feel happier when I'm alone. Really, to find solace; nobody but just my own reflection. Some precious ME time that I've been longing for. No distractions, no chaos, no dramas, just my own thoughts running wild, even during my sleep  ( which can be annoying, really). 

Sometimes, its not such a bad thing to be alone. "Anti-social"? Not so much of that. Maybe "dont waste my time" kind of thing. When people get together, speculations and words and dramas will never stop. They make up the world, yes. They make my mind go bangarang, yes to that too. 

You know what I mean. 

Lately, my dreams have been bothering me ; so much. To the extend that it takes at least 2 hours before I fall into deep sleep. What's that word? Insomnia. 

Its so annoying I feel like killing myself and then, sleep forever. I look forward to every sleep I have, for that will be (perhaps) the only time when I see 'happy' times. Oh you know, there's this once I dreamt of the same person for 4 consecutive days. Wow, the journey was breathtaking, I swear. 

But, never happened since. 

Lately, there's just so much 'lately' if I were to continue. I have only (exactly) one month till doomsday. Two major papers in one day. Damn it, I'll just stop here. 

Y'know why? The two boys ( speaking on 'loud speakers', well literally) is killing me and I could just walk over ( RIGHT NOW) and give them the 'dude-shut-the-adfhakjdnfkjad-UP' look.

I can't even. ugh.


Juanita Ramayah said...

You so pretty Ms. Wang =*

Magdeline Wang said...

Thank you stunner! But I believe, that statement was somehow sarcasm :p Didn't know you read my blog haha.