Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rimmel London Shoot 2012

Oh yellow there! First of all, my apologies for the long hiatus ( okay, 2 weeks isn't that long lah). I have been rather caught up (YES, AGAIN- its neverending *pulls hair!) with studies and work. Assignments mounting up and esp that *damn journalism video assignment that requires stubborn Malaysians that are just so reluctant to utter A WORD in front of the camera. "No comment" is still a very evident statement, mind you. 

Its fun and an eye-opening experience actually. Glad to took up this somewhat appear to be 'torturous' unit. My greatest respect to all journalists/ reporters out there that are risking their life for our daily news. ( A mini story like mine, is challenging enough; I can't imagine doing an international/extremely political news). 

Enough with Journalism. 

Don't pray pray! ;P
That was a snippet of my "DEFINITELY-NOT-INTERESTING" life. With all the exam stress and obligations- I'm lucky that I still get to do "FUN" stuffs ( on in a while). 

Did a shoot for Rimmel London Malaysia last week for their upcoming Mobile App. Will keep y'all posted when its launched and download it on your smartphones! Oh the perks of our canggih generation, SMARTPHONES ;) 

I know you guys are probably not gonna read these, because (after my observations/ research) I know most readers are lazy and hate LONG-WINDED posts but super love PIC SPAM posts. I am probably one of them too. Haha. 'Pick up' reading lah! :P 

Feast your eyes then. Writing will commence at the end of this post. See you in abit! :P 

Wardrobe laid out for the shoot. 

Had my nails done too! Quick-dry polish and LOVED the colour. 

StarAsia Malaysia's Conference Room. They have really awesome products! 

Products x Infinity (RIMMEL LONDON) 

My guide look of the day. London street style! If only they provide dip-dyes then it'd be perfect ;) 

Lu Xanne and yours truly. 
Getting final touch-ups before the shoot began. 

Hair: A Cut Above
Make-up: Rimmel London

Fuohhh! Look at those apparatus. If only I own half of that. Sure cantik everyday lah. 
Trying on their latest product, also my current FAVOURITE!

Make sure you girls get these at your nearest Watson Store! Not your conventional lipstick. This one leaves NO STAIN (Water-based). And its easy to apply. Just finish up your lips with the balm at the other end of the stick. 

Rimmel London is having promotion and be sure to get hold of the 1000 KISSES LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK. (Eh, I'm promoting for free ok. Cus trust me, its like NO OTHER). I'm going to get one myself. Just check them out at the nearest Watsons Store.

Thank you Rimmel London and Miss Universe Malaysia Organization for having me. Definitely had tons of fun. Can't wait for the official pictures to be up!

Will try to update this blog as frequent as possible. On another note, I will be running the Standard Chartered Fun Run 2012 this Saturday (26th May 2012). Make sure you register and we can all RUN FOR A REASON! I'll be running with a visually impaired child and let us all run for charity! They need our help.

See you this Saturday! Happy mid-week all xx

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