Friday, March 4, 2011

Good stuff money can't buy! #Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Howdy readers!
Ohno, another Johnnie Walker blogpost you must be wondering? Aha. Am pretty
sure its all over your facebooks & twitters and hell, you wouldn't wanna read another
long bragging post of this Johnnie man post anymore.

But boy, if you're a part of us fellow bloggers or perhaps a F1 fanatic or even Lewis Hamilton
& Jenson Button's NO.1 FAN. There's no reason for you to say NO!

But if you haven't heard of Johnnie Walker, worry not. How about the eminent F1 drivers?

Still NO?
Then you have gotta check THIS VIDEO out!

I myself have attend a few events, either sponsored or organized by Johnnie Walker
and they never fail to blow me off, every single time!
Ay yai yai!

& this time round, TWO lucky bloggers will be able to be a part of Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011! How about that for a weekend getaway?

Irresistible? More to come.

The two lucky wacky bloggers will have a chance to experience a 3D2N trip to Singapore,
Well if you refuse, you must have got a screw loose somewhere. Aha.

Am so adrenalized to party it up!

Johnnie Walker is renowned as the WORLD's Leading Scotch whisky which have also been
involved in Formula One which is by far, one of the most sophisticated and avant-garde sport.

Nevertheless, the sport is never complete without the drivers.
And here we are, looking at these two good looking hunks namely
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.
More reasons for you to love Formula One, yes?

Just so you know, Jenson is currently Britain's highest Formula One point scorer.

Also, Hamilton's currently also dating Pussycat Dolls'
Nicole Scherzinger. Know him better now? ;)

And looking at these irrefutable offers, it is rather absurd to say that I do not want to be a part of Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge. Being a part of it is definitely entirely different than being a fanatic infront of the televisons. Of course, I believe that after being able to be a part of the family, it would also altogether change my perspective towards Formula One races. I guess
I would never want to miss any races by then ;) There's nothing an avid fan wouldn't do aye.
Nonetheless, being a part of such revered and matchless event is something money cannot buy.
And being a people-person myself, it would be definitely great to be able to experience it myself rather than reading people's experience.
Hence, I would definitely be rapturous to be one of the lucky bloggers ;)

*fingers crossed.

Before anyone of us step into the sophisticated Black Circuit Lounge,
always remember the ground rules.


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Leonard said...

stumble upon your blog when I google about Black Circuit. Didn't know you're the Magdeline i met during LMFAO?
Hope all's well with you...was told by Helen you started your studies in KL recently.