Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rawrsome-Pawrsome MAG-A-DOODAY!

#Delayed post- Happens when you have so much obligations and hence,
priorities first :)

Its like a blink of an eye; felt like I just blew candles the day before ;
felt like I just celebrated my 18th birthday couple of days before;
Hell yes time flies;

Which also means that its the final year of my teenage life -.o
All thanks to my spoilt brat sis for reminding me every now and then. She will never
give me peace, ever! Brughh. Haha ;)

Birthday posts are often cliche.
So I decided to not stereotype it hence the pictures!

Preferred to have a simple and effortless birthday instead of parties, alcohols and DJs.
Its boring me; and I wouldn't want drunkards to ruin #mag-a-dooday! man.

Venue: Secret Garden, Ipoh
( Next to Prima Condo, opposite Heritage Hotel; Ipohians should know)

Loved the pretty ambience at night. The noise indoor was puttin' pressure on my nerves,
decided to make it outdoor instead ;)

The apparently SECRET ANGELS.
With a touch of love, it was pretty heavenly angelic actually ;)
#Chocolate brownies + Choco &vanilla ice-cream+ Cheese cake#

A million thanks to all that spent their time calling and wishing me on fb, twitter, bbm etc.
Really appreciate your time guys!

I was literally bombarded w notifications and more notifications. Phone battery went straight down the drain. aha ;)

Nevertheless, thankyou babyboo for making time for me. I was definitely being a
spoilt brat that night; thousand apologies!

Such rawrsome-pawrsome mag-a-dooday I had!
Thanks y'all!


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Jean said...

happy belated sweet 19th, Mag! polaroid rocks eh? hehe

have a nice day! =)

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