Monday, March 28, 2011

THE LONG AWAITED #Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge in KL!

Greetings readers!

Did you miss the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge in Singapore?

If I'm gonna get the unlucky 'YES' then I have a good news for you!

Instead of flying all the way down-south, The Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge will be hitting our very own Kuala Lumpur this coming April 9th! Good news or what?

So where those party people at?! What are you waiting for? Get dressed and head on over to The Black Circuit Lounge already! Hush hush!

Soldier on people, before even proceeding to walk further,
check THIS video out!
The all time favourite Lewis Hamilton inviting & giving you a brief idea on HOW awesome &
glamorous party the party is going to be!

Like mentioned before, walking with Johnnie Walker will definitely be
a journey worth walking!

I myself have attend a few events, either sponsored or organized by Johnnie Walker
and they never fail to blow me off, every single time!
Ay yai yai!

Am so adrenalized to party it up!

Johnnie Walker is renowned as the WORLD's Leading Scotch whisky which have also been
involved in Formula One which is by far, one of the most sophisticated and avant-garde sport.

Nevertheless, the sport is never complete without the drivers.
And here we are, looking at these two good looking hunks namely
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.
More reasons for you to love Formula One, yes?

Just so you know, Jenson is currently Britain's highest Formula One point scorer.

Also, Hamilton's currently also dating Pussycat Dolls'
Nicole Scherzinger. Know him better now? ;)


Besides getting 2 immediate money-can't-buy passes by just posting your blog, TWO lucky bloggers with their best post will stand a chance to win the Limited Edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label!


the 8GB Limited Edition Chrome USB Drive that
money cannot buy!

To be one of the lucky winners, there's a simple questioned that has to be answered.

What have you done to deserve the rewards of luxury and successful lifestyle?

If you ask me, I would say " Because I have never stopped walking".

By saying that, I have my very own firm and solid stand. Since I was a kid, I never
had the attention I deserved to have. I've never gotten what I dreamed for; and to watch
somebody achieving your dream was the toughest thing to do.

Nevertheless, nothing ever stopped me. I go by believing " Going beyond the impossibles".
Since its impossible to achieve them, I go beyond them and by that I have never once regretted. And up to today, I still believe in going beyond the impossibles. Thats what makes me the thorns among the roses, literally.

My episodes of failures in life have made me a much more stronger person and I never make my mistake twice. Because the second time you make it, its a choice. And my choice is to correct every single flaw I have.

Since then, I put in my 101% of determination, courage and commitment for none other
than to being on TOP of everybody. After falling several times, I realize I am actually
slowly climbing up the stairs; without myself realizing. People might not see what I go through, but one day when I am on TOP; they will definitely see me for who I am.

I am sure the agonies, pain, impediments and hard times are worth my wait.
Since in life there's never short hauls; I am pretty sure by going through these hurdles
I will someday own my victory.

"No sacrifice, no victory"

And for now,
I WILL KEEP ON WALKING; till the end of time.


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Yes I know you're excited; but first take a chill pill ;)

Before anyone of us step into the sophisticated Black Circuit Lounge,
always remember the ground rules.


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