Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pieces here & there.

Greetings lovahs.
Its been so long hasn't it? Well blame the never ending tasks being assigned to me. Never knew uni could be this tough. Am only speaking of the third week, cannot imagine how abuzz its gon be in the coming semesters. Monash has been pretty decent so far. Not only because I have been comforting myself by saying ' Taylors is just so overrated w the salons, starbucks and shit'. Also, who knew I would actually end up being in Monash, doing a double degree.

Hence, I have also came to another conclusion; We decide on our own destiny, God guides us along the way. Never be afraid to try because I didn't. And I am glad that I chose what I did. Been what I wanted all these while. Don't be afraid to take another leap. That may be the leap that will take your life to a whole new level :)

However, there's no fast tracks to success. Just look at that pale looking face of mine. Excessive facebooking and twittering i'd say ROFL. Alright, jokes aside ( they're not even funny -.o haha).


If you realize, his biceps will soon outgrow its own perimeter and then explode right in my face. wtf haha. Looking at the picture, there's only TWO possibilities.
1) I have lost so much weight that my face just shrunk and therefore making his biceps to look so much bigger ; which is quite impossible because both of us have been eating and pigging which will only lead to weight gaining instead.

2) His biceps are DEFINITELY getting bigger after all those intensified hardcore gym sessions
together eversince I joined CelebFitness which is a good thing! ; BINGO WINGO!

I should prolly head back to my readings. Been persuading myself to get started with things, but I just love procrastinating. Guess thats just being me.

Oh and this weekend, an event that I've been anticipating. But I still isn't in a good form to be in the so-called limelight. Not ready to be seen yet. *meditates.
Rough decision to make- I'll get over it!

#oh and also, I got my BANG BANGS back!

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