Sunday, February 27, 2011

Accidentally on Purpose

Howdy guys!
( Guys- generally mean everybody and not specifically GUYS but all genders)

Lately, I've been drained by excessive thoughts on my multi-talented brain. It seemed to be never ending. Good thing or what?

So, in my previous post, I was deliberating whether to take Business or Mass Comm and
boy did I get over it. Those sleepless nights thinking about my short-term 'future'
sure did its job on those eye bags I'm bagging around right now. Geeez.

But hey, a girl's got to what a girl's go to do.
Its never wrong to try to revamp.
Afterall we are what we are today all thanks to improvisation! yes?

Another note,
I have heard of theology, the study of Nature of God and religious belief

You lil Teoh(s) out there have got lotsa teaching to do!


Also, I pledge to have a healthy diet from today onwards. After the horrifying
video that left me so traumatized when I look at meat, I will TRY to make myself
a more frequent part-time vegetarian though I know it is rather tough to not
consume on any Meat in MY life. What more when TV shows like
Junior Master Chefs and AFC channels are so frequently publicized in the Media these days.

Hence, to make life easier..
Which specifically means that you can eat and still look good,
I signed up for GYM!

Hellofayeaahhhh. Another hole burnt in my pocket. Pretty big one this time.
'Its worth it! Its worth it!', I keep telling myself.

Well not only that. I look forward to becoming HER someday.
HEY! Let me dream while I can alright?

Never a day I don't stare at this picture and say,

I can do this too. I can look as good too. I can be as hot too!

If I can dream, why can't you?

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