Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where the party peepole at?

Chinese New Year kinda drifted me away from blogging. Been stuffing myself so much
and all those pounds that I've lost are sadly back. So am back to my old depressing fat self.
Hence I have made a vow.
You must be thinking: Settling the membership itself will take you another gazillion years bitch. Rofl. Right at my face haha.

As depressed as I am, I will never show it to the world. I know what I'm writing right now is actually NOT related to the pictures posted, at all. Paradox much? They're more like
attractive magnets that make people read whatever crap am writing, or browse through? at least? pathetic yes.

Anyway, havent been partying THAT much lately. Its really time for me,both physically
and mentally get back on track. Since classes are starting next week,
and I have yet to make up my mind yet - nothing's worse than being in a dilemma,
with a limited time frame. wtf.
Its like you have something stucked it your head but you have no choice but to
dig it out within that limited time. If you have the time of your life then nevermind la.

Do you even get what Im saying?

I may seem stress-free, but truth to be told I feel like the whole world is weighing on me!
More like MY WORLD since I've always been living in my own world having my own
sweet time, turning a blind eye to reality.

There is so much that I have yet to tell the world, but let that remain a secrecy.
For now, let us all embrace and seize the moment. After all, there's no turning back in life.
As cliche as it may sound, you can never turn away from the solid truth and reality.

Also something that you MAY not be interested.
Billiesooi and I have just celebrated our first anniversary!
( Exclamation! is a must heh)

To the world he may be one person, but to one person he may be the world.
Those thick and thin that we've been through, will never get off my mind. The times when I needed you most, you never fail to be there. I really appreciate all those thing that you've
done to me and for me. Lets just hope our love will keep on blooming,
even stronger than the volcano eruptions. Its my own metaphor btw.

Booom booom booom, even brighter than the mooon mooon mooon. *BOOOOM!

And as for now, I have to start cracking my brain and squeeze em brain juice.
To decide my destiny ( omg i sound so real haha), wait? It IS REAL.

Mass Comm or Business? HELP.

Yes im fickled minded.
## photo credits to Aun

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