Monday, January 17, 2011

Ze BIG Tweeenythurd! + Adventurous Sunday!

Guess who just turned ONE?


Yes, supa old-school picture this is. And I've gotta admit. He's
one bubblycutiepie. Awwww.

Okay, thats so 22years ago. rofl!

And now, who just turned TWEEENYTHREE?!

This supahawthunk right here ;)

& yeap. We travelled all the way back North where this bigbaby wants his
BIG tweenythurd to be celebrated. And not forgetting that super long haul journey of mine
ALL THE WAY from Jb :( Well, anything for you billybie.

And after the good 22years of nurturing this bigbaby, he's finally turning 23 and
of course, not forgetting the long journey stretching before him.

And not forgetting that lil black label to complete the night.

& we actually had the whole club for ourselves.
One thing GOOD about Ipoh club heh.

Being the only non-alcoholic of the night, I still wasn't spared.
Hence, the Orange shot to wrap up ze night ;)

Like said, I being the only non-alcoholic had to take care of the bday boy who was
way beyond drunk that night.

Funnyfact, Bill couldn't remember a thing that night. Oh, the power of Shots!

Speaking of SHOTS, who's going to MOS this Wednesday?
Its the LMFAO!

If you're not, ur def missing out. And to those who're going,
Lets get the party started!


& The Adventurous Sunday

With the sun so bright, up in the sky ahhh and breeze oh-shoo nice,
just perfect for a Sunday noon.

We headed down to this Fishing Village, in the suburb of Ipoh town.

Of course, we made ourselves all geared & pumped for the fishing mission!
Fishing rod (checked)
baits (checked)
breads (checked)
strawberry jam (checked)
Apparently fishes love Strawberry flavored bread TOO!


Despite the zero fish -.- by the end of the evening, twas indeed
a perfect weekend. It was all the bonding sessions that made it
all worth while ( wasting 2 hours of waiting).

Who said only parties & celebs makes you happening?
Like this also very happening okay! Nuff said.

Till then xx.

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So high fashionista said...

wow you are so tall!

looooool i ve never been to fishing before... i might bore too death if i go for fishing

anyway happy birthday and enjoy being 23