Monday, January 3, 2011

Enough is enough

I couldn't stand my previous layout which was absolutely absurd! and finally decided to make a temporary one, to not prolong my unbearable eyesore. Yes, it was that bad. ( i know my babyboo will surely call me not to be so melodramatic LOLOL)

So, its the new year and I have just been bumming around the house. & not forgetting travelling from North to South and back North again. I can definitely declare myself a ' light traveller' now.

Speaking about that, I seriously have been doing too much of travelling lately. Now that reminds me. To blog about ze oh so wondrous Taiwan trip last december.

Resolutions of the brand Nooyear
1) Refrain myself from getting to that ultra-tempting-&-dangerous SNOOZE button.
2) Be alot wiser
3)Be much more hotter ( in various ways teehee)
4)Promise to head back home more often & be a faithful daughter
5) Be much more determined & optimistic
6) Have my own stand, whenever, wherever.

Well there's much more that I would def love to accomplish this year.
Which for now, will be left unsaid, of course for a solid reason.

Nuff said. Have a good day lovers!

Toodles xx.

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