Monday, January 24, 2011


A week of chaos/commotions/excitement/etc prior to this
mini concert seemed a be a lil disappointment. All went down the drain.

Okay lemme revive the joyous mood.

Wooohooo! So, twas THE LMFAO! Yes the LMFAO!

We all went with a big smile on our face, hoping to party it up the whole night.
But who knew, these mofos are nothing but a bunch of jackers haha.
(whoops a lil exaggerating here)

Poor baby, went through a week of hell with phone calls and appointments just to get a
table ( mind you, the view was pretty awesome)- just so he
wouldn't disappoint me who's been bragging to go since a month ago :P

Well nevertheless, the night was filled with giggles, burps, laughs, farts &
gayness haha. All happened for friends were there for a reason ;)

And of course, this special someone who made it happened for me. Thankyou love!
Appreciated it. Of course, twas wasn't all for myself but also billybie's bunch of bffs
who flew all the way from Melb & also the Ipoh big boys.

We're pretty lucky that we didnt have to squeeze in that crowd. My my just look at them.
Too much stinky armpits rofl!

Oh wait, the best part had yet to come. Tick tock tick tock, we patiently waited for
good 4 hours for these bunch of joker to show up. By the time the "PARTY" started,
excitement level all drop till the ground. Can't blame us can you?

Ahhh, who cares about these clowns who has their pants stripped halfway down? Gross.
We later on, jacked the party and headed over to Heritage Row for our
very own partayy ;)

Believe it or not, these shots cost a BOMB! Like seriously,
RM 5.oo. NO JOKE. But imma tell ya before ya drink and puke
right away! HAHA.

Again, another wonderful night with beautiful people around.

I'm blessed.

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Mabel Low said...

Eh? Isn't that Alicia Tan?