Friday, January 28, 2011

Mayhem; ahem!

Yes, twas a complete mayhem, not.

I'm about to reach that turning point of my life, ohmeigord so kancheongs!
Ahhh, drop that & lemme embrace the moment.

Oh anyways, tonight was so much hassle. So many places, so little time.
& good thing was i still gotto kill two birds w one stone ;)

Attended the Miss Universe Malaysia Announcing Party @ Smoke & Fire (Previously called G6- if im not wrong) & yes, Deborah Henry was crowned - oh as expected.
Well, nonetheless she deserved that title.
You could see that GLOW in her #Playing Angel:AKON.rofl.

And later on, dragged myself to the Moet Hennessy Diageo event.
Hella, everybody was so busy gambling their luck out when i arrived LOL.
& our lucky Helenness won the Grand Prize, Hennessy X.O woots woots.


#picspam LOL.

Heading back to JB tomorrow for GongXiNewYear!
Speaking of CNY, I am beyond lazy to even shop for new clothes.
Will see how it goes. Dress to the mood; yea that sounds lika good idea;)

Happy Chinese Noo Year y'all!
time for a payback!


Josh Lim said...

I blogged too! :) You can get your pics there yeah!

Tim said...

Moet Hennessy Diageo you mean? =D