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KLCC Fashion Week; What's your style this 2012?

In conjunction with KLCC Fashion Week 2012 happening on the 18th April- 22nd April 2012, I'm rather honored to be selected as one of the lifestyle/ fashion blogger for the running contest ( Have you voted?). This is the 2nd segment of the contest where I'll be expressing my desired style for 2012

What's my fashion sense/ style? Here's a little snippet! 

A moody fashionista. I do not believe in "catching-up with the trends" because afterall being stylish doesn't mean being trendy. I tend to think that I have a very casual, simplistic, not over the top yet contemporary sense of style. I wear what I like and I love being comfortable in my outfits because "confidence" is the best accessory one can ever wear. My sense of style has this harmony with my inner self and my attitude, which is really subjective, really. I strongly believe that "Fashion is timeless". 

So girls, remember your attitude is what brings out the fashionista in you! You don't have to be donned in the designer's brand to be fabulous. All you need is attitude, your charisma and a kick of confidence and you're good to go! 

Like what I've said earlier, I am a moody fashionista and I wear whatever I feel like wearing. But when we are needed to acquire to a certain dress code, that doesn't mean you're restricted! Make-up and accessories can really dash up the entire look! Here are a few shots of myself taken (this year) and I'd love to share them with you! 

#1. Casual chic ; Black 
A very simple sheer sleeveless top with denim shorts (hidden) and a pair of stilettos and you're good to go! 

Tips & tricks: Red-lips that portrays the sexy & feminine side of you! Give it a try ;) 

Remember to: First, line your lips with the lip-liner before filling in the red. Red lipstick tends to be a little messy if you go out of the lipline ;) 

#2. Casual chic - White 

Sheer white top with a high waisted denim shorts with flipflops if you'll be taking a long walk! 

Tip & tricks : Just be yourself! Remember, if you're confident in your apparels; that's been you look your best! Lets do the hair flipping ;) 

*flips! Remember CONFIDENCE! 

#3. Accessories! 

The same black sheer top I wore earlier, but I've added a silver chocker to make it a statement. 

Tips & tricks: Its alright to "re-wear" your clothes. We don't expect you to be wearing to same one all the time but try mix & match with the apparels in your wardrobe. You'd be surprised what you can come out with! 

Photo credits: Munirah Mutaher , MONGA 

#4. Country Girl. 

I absolutely love fedoras! I wore this simple checkered shirt with a denim shorts and completed the look with a pair of my favourite sandals! 

Tips & tricks: Nothing over the top. Simple yet fun! Who said we girls have to wear dresses ALL THE TIME? ;) Have some fun with your boyfriend's shirt and trust me, you'll be surprised how comfortable you are in those shirts! 

Make-up: Something simple with eye-liner, mascara, earth-tone shade eyeshadows and a nude lipstick! Country girls look best naturale ;) 

#5. Floral frenzy 

An off-shoulder floral dress with a pair of heels. 

This was me when I had to go on Bella @ ntv7 for a talk show on "As women, how do we relax and rewind ourselves after a long day at work?" 

Tips & tricks: Girls will never go wrong with floral details dresses. They'll bring out the soft and feminine side of you! And if you ever have to appear on screen, you'd want to wear something bright and striking and not dull colours like grey or light pastel colours. 

Remember: Beauty is skin deep! 

Not everybody has the same taste in terms of style and fashion. If you're not liked by many, just remember how unique and special you are. Be yourself, stay positive and allow people to accept who you really are! I will be sharing even more of my fashion sense/ style (though this is actually my first time sharing it) , I really hope you'd like them!

And if you do, do VOTE FOR ME for the KLCC Fashion Week Lifestyle/ Fashion Blogger's Contest!

The following are the voting mechanics:-

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Voters for this segment will stand a chance to win prizes from our Sponsor and this time its SHU UEMURA! Do share this with your friends and families as the voting segment for this phase will end on the 8th of April! VOTE VOTE VOTE! 

Thank you so much lovers! DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS, VOTE FOR MAGS! 

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