Thursday, April 12, 2012

April | Fallin' into pieces.

April didn't start off any good for me. I'd want to contain all positivity in me but maybe sometimes, when things don't go your way.. then it is what it is. Thank god for a week of mid-sem break, otherwise I'll probably break down and go dysfunctional. Speaking like I've got a million dollar business to handle, thats what my mum would say. But we all have our own problems, keep the comparisons to yourself; be it you're a student, a beggar or a multi-million dollar business owner. 

I know, slowly.. things will fall into places, like how its meant to be. 

 Trackpad + Internal core dysfunction: Can't read messages. Basically the entire berry just went handicapped. Its impossible to function, without a working trackpad. 

Bad news is : The berry's dead and will need me to fork out at least rm300 to get it repaired. 
Good news is : Maybe, just maybe I'll be joining the Apple bandwagon (not too pleased) 

Bringing back the childhood memories. Of school bells and ice-cream cones. 


 Broke down in the middle of nowhere. Tyre burst, to be more specific. Thank god for phone calls & trailers. 

 Of Starbucks & Chic-o-cheese! 

 Beautiful landscape of Selangor. 

 When the land and the sea meets: Speaking of which, as of today my facebook & twitter timeline has been flooded with alerts and news of the potential tsunami that would hit the shores of most Asia countries. Do take precautions and be grateful we were given an early warning. May God be with us all. 

The speculations of apocalypse, the end of the world. Well, I'd say just live like there's no tomorrow for  we will never know when the DAY will come. 

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