Friday, April 6, 2012

KLCC Fashion Week 2012 ; Lifestyle/ Fashion Blogger Contest

One fine dandy evening, when I received an email from the KLCC Marketing executives; I was beyond stoked when I was asked to participate in their latest Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger contest in conjunction with their Suria KLCC Fashion Week 2012 happening this coming 18th April - 22nd April !  Calling for all stylo mylo peeps and all fashionistas! This is something you wouldn't want to miss! 

& also their attractive prizes from sponsors Shu Uemura, Timberland, Marks & Spencer and  Lacoste. 

Well, the perks of this contest is that I get the SHARE my joy with my fellow readers -keep reading ;) . There will be 3 segments/phases of this contest and now since I have missed the first segment due to my hectic schedule (to blog about it soon!), I will now only eligible for the 2nd and 3rd segments. 

Now, its pretty obvious I'm falling behind with the amount of votes. Hence to cut the long story short, I will need you guys to VOTE for me! Haha ( I know what you're thinking) but nope, its not sms-voting ;)

The following are the voting mechanics: -

1) Head on over to Suria KLCC's Facebook page and "LIKE" it .

2) Go to this link
and VOTE for Magdeline W!

Yes 2 simple steps and you'll stand a chance to win items from Shu Uemura and Lacoste! There will be mini games organized for my fellow readers/ voters (THANK YOU SURIA KLCC!)

What are you waiting for? Go to the links above and start voting for me! This will not happen without your love and support. I totally know how it feels like asking for votes (not too fun) but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

What to expect in the upcoming updates:

#1. Laura Mercier Launch @ Sunway Pyramid
#2. Bella interview @ NTV7
#3. For me to know, for you to find out!


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