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Dear Readers, 
(long post alert- if you're too lazy to read. DON'T SKIP the last part) 

Since this is my birthday month (hola at the rest of the March babies!) , hence its is indeed a very SPECIAL month! I will be giving out special vouchers for you to shop till YOU DROP! Keep the reading going on ;)  It is an honorable & exciting opportunity to be able to collaborate with Malaysia's latest online fashion store- ZALORA. Rumors have spread and words are being speculated nationwide about this online fashion outlet which will be the next "IT-STORE"!  
Now you must ask, "WHY ZALORA?". Here, I will clear your doubts once and for all. Definitely will make sure that you'll have the most enjoyable online shopping experience! I don't lie ;) 

ZALORA is set to offer their customers the best in international and local fashion brands. Shop online for shoes and clothes at ZALORA. ZALORA MALAYSIA offers outstanding customer services alongside a vast selection of shoes, clothing and bags from internationally renowned labels. We, ZALORA offers shoes for women and men as well as cutting-edge's clothing, women's clothing from a wide selection of brands. Combine a pair of heels with a stylish evening dress, or cool sneakers with casual jeans. Our product range offers the perfect choice whatever your personal style. You can piece together a complete outfit with simplicity and ease from the comfort of your own home, and more than that form the comfort of one all inclusive website! Order shoes and clothes at home or in the office that is easy, convenient, secure and safe
Really, ZALORA offers a wide range of renowned international brands to the local ones! Now you can save the hassle from googling each category of your wardrobe with uncountable tabs in your windows ( they can be really confusing and a pain in the head, really!). 
Here are some of the brands that are offered by ZALORA ( don't let your jaws drop! ) 

The Top Brands 

 STEVE MADDEN in MALAYSIA?!! This is a dream come true for all girls. Fret not, ZALORA offers only GENUINE items. You can brush off those worries away and have fun browsing! ;)

Yes girls, start your shopping spree now! What's the wait? And BOYS! Now, thats a hint. Don't have to crack your head thinking of ideas. Just get your girl's shoe size!

Well, I have already browsed through the website a gazillion times and I've made up my mind on several items. Check out the few items that I've picked out of the hundreds. Jumpers, dresses, tops and wedges, just to name a few.


(good news for girls too!)

Well, nobody understands boys/men more than I do! Its probably the hardest thing to get drag them out of the house to shop for clothes! Trust me, it is MY hardest "to-do". But now, I get to browse through the entire website with him and he will have no excuse to say "I'm too tired" or "Ahh, I'm too lazy to drive!". Now, who's the winner? ;) 

Favourite alert! ;)

Shopping that is convenient, secure and easy! 

You can now shop on ZALORA without any worries; shipping for your order is always free, and if you need to return or exchange any part of your order, we accept returns within 7 days. If you have any enquiries regarding your shoes or clothing in the ZALORA Malaysia Online Shop, you can contact our friendly and happy to help with any enquiries. Zalora is here to make shopping a relaxed, uncomplicated and fun process- all we want is for you to have a fantastic shopping experience at ZALORA.

BEST THINGS GOES TO THOSE WHO WAIT. Thank you for reading and here's your reward!  How often do you get such reward for just reading a blogpost?! I will be giving out vouchers of RM 30 with a minimum purchase of RM 100.

All you need to do is :

1) Go to and start shopping for your favourite items. (NOT A PROBLEM!)

2) For your selected item, pick the right size/colour and click "ADD TO CART".

3) If you are very convinced with your choice & have made up your mind. Proceed to checkout.

4) Choose your payment option on the payment method bar and fill in the required details. HERE is where you will be needing your VOUCHER NUMBER.

See the "Add coupon" button?
Click on it and enter the following voucher number: ZLFOZ_MAGbvx

5) If you have entered all the required details, proceed to "Checkout". DON'T FORGET THE VOUCHER NUMBER! Otherwise you will not be eligible for the RM30 discount.

6) Finally you will be directed to a SECURED CHECKOUT page to proceed with payment with the bank of your choice ( choose your bank at the left-hand corner of the page) 

I have listed down the step-by-step payment method, together with the RM30 discount VOUCHER NUMBER. 

I hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience at ZALORA. Don't forget to head over to my facebook page at and tell me your shopping your experience! 

Important note ; since I have clearly stated that its my birthday month, the voucher is only available from 1st March - 31st March 2012. Only in March! But I will definitely keep you beloved readers posted with more promotions and rewarding news! 

Enjoy shopping! Don't hesitate to drop me any feedbacks or if you have any questions about the coupon voucher. Share it with your friends and family! Till then. xx

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