Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Found Love

I may be a little behind time. Well, clearly.. I meant behind the hype for Instagram! Yes, pathetic I know. WHY CAN'T BERRY USERS HAVE AWESOME APPS LIKE APPLE(s) TOO?! Okay, that shouldn't be an issue that I should address- unencessity is not needed, not now. 

There are so many things that I wanna talk about, really - from the #holidaymood that I'm still in despite the re-opening of the semester 3 WEEKS AGO, my new found love for Apple products ( well, I haven't been exploring much on my Macbook so.. ) to my desperation of getting an well-toned bod. Ahh, just too much to blabber about if you ask me. I'll keep things short this time around ( my piled up assignments, mostly due in a week's time are bugging me already! ) 

Just a few words before signing off.. 

 #1. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I MISS BEAUTYCAMP. Let's do it all over again! 

 #2. I miss my mum, badly. 

 #3. This baby in the picture, has almost the exact same name as I do! And when the adults go "Maydelyn, kuchiii kuchiiii.. ang-gu-guuu" - I tend to perasan abit lah :p 

 #4. My previous aviator went missing during Beautycamp. I think I left them in Andrea's car after 
my injection @ myDentist. Too sedated to be sane. HAHA! Love got me a new one! Apparently its my early birthday present. Well, we'll see ;) 

 #5 It took me a good 6 months to grow my brows! First threading experience didn't go too well. 
The indian lady almost got me brow-BALD! 

 #6. Gettin' back to books felt fresh. But the thought of memorizing facts about Constitutions, infringing rights, Cold War, United Nations and yada yadaa.. yeah, you get what I mean. 

 #7. Kid is only 7 years old and she's already short-sighted. Aiyo, kids these days ahh! 
Well, I wasn't any better. Had my first glasses when I was 9. But I swear, it was the books- not friendster/ nintendo! 

 #8. Kyla Ruiz; MUST-HAVE Brazilian Bikini! 

#9. Mom said " Real vintage Chanels should be passed down, don't waste your money buying them".

Tons of pending blogposts. Need to get back to the books #lifeofastudent. 

Btw, I might have some good news coming up! Till then, taa! xx 

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