Saturday, March 24, 2012

FMFA 2012 : Polaroids

Yet another unforgettable night at Future Music Festival Asia 2012! The first ever music festival that I've attended and I must say, IT WAS DOPE! Not forgetting the 12hours non-stop performing acts at four different stages. A job well done, Live Scape Asia!

The only bummer of the night was the fact that I did not have a camera in hand. Have yet to get myself a Canon S100.  BUT THANK GOD FOR MY POLAROIDS! Otherwise, its gonna be just 'another night' that I'll probably forget 10 years down the road :P Nonetheless, it was good catching up with a couple of friends. Met up with Juanita and Aaron & a few others later during the night.

One complain though: WHY ARE POLAROID FILMS so darn expensive?! Close to RM30 per pack- 10 films each :/ More reasons to get my S100 ( Well, if you're wondering.. I DO have 2 DSLRs at home, D90 and EOS40D but the problem with DSLRs- they're too heavy to be carried around and I cant bear the bruises on my neck/shoulders anymore). Hence, my decision to actually get a compact camera with great effects! Soon soon ;)

Happenings of the night of Future Music Festival Asia @ Sepang International Circuit.

Party actually started as early as 11am because it was also ST. PATTY'S! Went over to a friend's crib for lunch and I was already tipsy by the end of it. The entire meal was alcohol-fied! -.- Ended up going home for a short nap to curb the "pre-hangover". I can never enjoy myself when drunk. Hence, NO ALCOHOLS FOR ME! NEVER! ;) 

Headed over to Sepang at 5.30pm, all prepped up. Apparently Flo Rida's act was the best and we missed it. Nothing to lose, we had Tinie Tempah towards the end of the night ;) *cues Tinie Tempah's Written in the Stars 

#1. Trio Merio! Billy & Nita. 

#2. Amna! 

#3. Very artistic Mini Cooper. Me gusta! 

#4. Amna and her friend. 

#5. It was too packed and could only catch a glimpse of Aaron. 

#6. Nita again, & Leonard. The guitarist from An Honest Mistake (AHM). 
If you didnt know, they're be launching their 2nd album "Say What You Want Say What You Will" on the 29th April 2012! 

Show some love and come over to Publika on the 29th at 6pm ;) 

#7. Future Music Festival Asia ROCKS! 

#8. I have no idea who he's callin'. 

#9. Billy. 

#10. Rock on! 

#11. Rock on II! 

#12. Josiah Mizukami- he was totally talking! HAHA. 

#13. Wouldn't say I'm too old to party but the crowd was madness and the amount of walking just drains you. 

#14. Group shot w the peeps! 
Nita, Ryan, Natalie, Ean, and Cheryl! 

p/s: The polaroids when re-shot with my bb camera turned out blurr. Aiyo, bummer much. The only shots I had for the night ;) But all in all, IT WAS GOOD NIGHT! 

Next up: Pepe Jeans London Launch & Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge March 2012! 

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