Friday, March 30, 2012

Two decades old.

Day 2 of being a 20 year old. Now it seems like burdens are getting heavier and responsibilities are piling up. Not to mention, my assignments that are literally makin' me dysfunctional. Almost had an infarction when I found out that I have FOUR assignments due next week, back to back! -.- 

Getting back to the topic. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! I wouldn't say my birthday was magical or anyhow a great celebration. But it was indeed warm & sweet; spent with my closest ones. I wouldn't deny the fact that birthday parties are irresistibly fun, but the time spent on organizing and the moolah spent on the invitations, food, drinks etc; I cannot bear the burden. Haha. Maybe next year, a big one for my 21st - entering adulthood ( boy oh boy!) 

But one thing for sure: MY BLOGPOST WILL BE FILLED WITH GREAT QUALITY PICTURES BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE I FINALLY GOT MY S100! ( Damn, lucky or what. I was just bragging about not having a proper camera for events, parties etc in my previous posts) 

I DID NOT LET MONDAY RUIN MY BIRTHDAY; that's for sure. Went to Italiannies @ Empire for a simple dinner with Mr.Billy.

My 2 hours old camera, unfortunately died on me because I was so excited with it that  I couldn't get my hands off it and BATTERY DIED. But again, THANK GOD FOR POLAROIDS!

Nonetheless, the day ended with a good book in hand and a reliable shoulder to lie on. Some say birthday is just 'another day' as you grow older, I tend to think otherwise. Its a day where you celebrate the birth of the wonderful YOU and the day when you thank your mother for all the hardship that she's gone through. Positivity all the way. Before I return (next year) with a birthday post, just wanna say THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES xx 


Now, I'd like to make a mini announcement ::  I WILL NEED YOU LOVERS ( MY BELOVED READERS) TO VOTE FOR ME IN AN UPCOMING CONTEST. Nope, don't worry it couldn't cost you like how Beautycamp did ;) In fact, if you do vote for me, you'll stand a chance of winning something in return too! HOW AWESOME? 

Now, stay tuned for more. I will be back in no time. x 

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