Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hey guy! I believe most of you have already heard about the bad news. And yes I am unfortunately in the Bottom SIX this week. 

But I believe it is not the end of my journey yet and I there is just so much more room for improvement and all I need is for MALAYSIA to keep me in! I will make every of your vote count! 

First Photoshoot Challenge : To stand out in Little Black Dresses 

Second Photoshoot Challenge: Wildlife Shoot 
This was my first ever time shooting with such an exotic animal and it surely did bring out the wildness in me. Really grateful that I was voted the winner of this challenge! 

Featured in the Star Paper today ( 20th October 2011). 

Things happen for a reason. And I believe this is an ultimate test for me and as long as I believe in myself. I will be able to overcome the fear and anxiety. ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE! 

Here are the mechanics of the voting system: 


Via SMS, type: 


and send them to 32888. Every vote will cost RM0.50. 

You can vote for UNLIMITED times! And if voting is successful, you will receive a notification almost immediately. Voting starts today (THURSDAY 20th OCT) and closes on FRIDAY ( 21st OCT). Voting only lasts for 24 hours people! 

 I will make sure each and every one of your vote count! I WILL NOT LET MALAYSIA DOWN!

Follow me as I strive to achieve for the best! And as for now, I will stay positive and believe in myself because I have given in 101% in everything that I've done. There must be a reason why the judges would place me in the Bottom Six. I will prove them that I am beyond just that. 

Malaysia, do give me a second chance and I'll prove myself right! 

"Forget the past with no regrets, face the present with confidence and prepare for the future with no fear"

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