Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#Beauty Camp!

Greetings readers! 

Happy mid-week everybody. Hope all's good and guess what? Its already the 8th day at Beauty Camp! Everything has been pretty much smooth sailing and just to revive my blog a little, yes I know I have been abandoning it for quite sometime. But forgive me, I have just been too busy to balance my time between work and studies. Priorities first, no? Here are some updates from Beauty Camp. 

Truth be told, I am having the time of my life spending my days with the rest of the beautiful ladies in the house. With Andrea Fonseka guiding us through our days; nothing can be much more fun than being the pioneer batch of Beauty Campers! Its really amusing to see how everybody bond so well and well keep the dramas aside, when it comes it the game. I am for sure to step up my game; afterall its still a competition and I wouldn't want to be left behind ( Well, who would wanna?). However, when we're back in the house; its an entire different situation. The girls really do spend time together so well and I really hope Malaysia can see through all these amazing personalities in the house. 

Now, as I share with you my journey in Beauty Camp; don't forget to tune into Astro Hitz (channel 705) every Thursday at 3.30pm and repeats at 9pm! This is the only time you Malaysians get to see the real Malaysian girls living under one roof, in running to be the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2012. Its the first time ever any pageants in Asia has produced any reality TV Show like Beauty Camp! Be sure to catch it!  Now, we Malaysia has taken the first step! MALAYSIA BOLEH! 

As for myself, being one of the youngest, I sometimes DO feel intimidated by the rest of the girls who are far more experienced than I am.  But at the end of the day, it is the true Malaysian girl that they are searching for. It isn't the perfect girl. Lets be frank,  nobody can be perfect but one can be a perfectionist. That is a total twist in the story already. 

So, all I'm giving is my confidence and determination and hardwork. I believe that as long as I stay true to myself; nothing is impossible. And I always believed that the only way of finding the limits of the possibles is by going beyond the impossibles. 

A beauty queen isn't just about being poised and proper. She can be elegant, fun and goofy at the same time, why not? She has to be able to relate to her people, Malaysians! A girl who is able to connect to everybody and at the same time, she is able to bring herself up in front of millions. At the end of the day, beauty fades but the heart stays. I may be still young and raw, but that doesn't mean I can't soar. 

And I'm taking this opportunity to learn and progress, to build myself and to make myself a better person, a better me, a true Malaysian girl :) 

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