Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thoughts #BeautyCamp

As I sit on my bunk bed tonight, looking across the window; witnessing the city full of lights under the dark night. Reminiscing how much I miss home, my loved ones and my bed.

"Its been 26days here in Beauty Camp", I told myself. And yes it has indeed been 26days here in Beauty Camp! Time flies doesn't it? Truth be told, for the past 26days I have achieved so much that I myself never knew I could. I never knew I could take good pictures, I never knew I could strike a good pose, I never knew people would actually remember me for what I have done and I never knew being a Beauty Queen was so tough!

It was never easy; to presentable all the time. It takes so much hardwork, effort and practice to allow yourself to be comfortable in front of the audiences.

And throughout the entire journey in Beauty Camp, I have found myself; in so many different ways. I have learnt to be a stronger person; physically, mentally and emotionally. I realized that its not all about just winning the title, but so many petty petty things that you pick up along the journey. Thats what makes you stronger every single time.

And tonight I told myself "If something is bound to happen, it will happen. For the right person, at the right time. And for the best reason".

Beauty Camp has been such an amazing journey that will never be erased from my memory. If there's one thing that I would change right now. I'll say " Send me back to the time when I answered that question". I could have done so much better. My fear overtook me.

God, grant me strength and determination. I CAN DO THIS.


nifi2408 said...

good luck mag . be strong ! :)

MissCheanVoon said...
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MissCheanVoon said...

I never really noticed you until the 3rd Episode. Perhaps you just didn't stand out as much. And maybe because I have three people that I know of in that competition :) But when Andrea asked you to step forward during the wild card session, I noticed that you indeed have something in you which shines through. I find that you must be a very strong lady, smart, considerate, and independent.
I really admire you, knowing that you are just 19 this year, and you have such a mature personality. I am starting to like you. I like the "big sister" character about you, and you are quite real to me. My suggestion for you is that, noticed that in pictures your eyes look quite sleepy despite the overall glam-look, perhaps you should train your eyes, how to talk and reach into people with your eyes, of course naturally. Well, just my two cents, I hope for the best for you, Just be yourself, and you have my support. :)

p.s: wanted to msg you on facebook, I think for public pages they didn't have the personal msg, so i decided to send you here.

All the best, You have great smile, I like it. :)