Sunday, October 2, 2011

Magdeline W. at Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

I never knew I would actually be REALLY doing what I am doing today. From sitting and staring at the gorgeous ladies in front of the television screen to looking into the mirror asking myself, 

"Will I ever be able to be like one of them? Wearing pretty dresses and make-up and speaking up for themselves and to impress the judges?", that was me 10 years back when I used to watch Miss Universe in front of the screen. Asking and bugging my mum about anything and everything after every annual episode. 

And who would've thought? The short-haired nerdy girl who once don't even know the meaning of beauty is now a finalist of The Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 at the age of 19. 

Honestly, I didn't see this coming my way. If it was two years ago, I'd probably be telling people " I'm not pretty enough to fit in. I'm not slim enough like the rest of the girls. I'm not as tall as them" and the rant goes on and on. 

But me being myself today, at this very point of life; I find beauty very subjective. I don't necessarily have the best looking features nor the most radiant skin to be beautiful. I don't have to be the tallest among them all nor do I have to be the best speaker to look beautiful. Like I always say " Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and having said that, true beauty cannot be seen physically seen but emotionally felt through the heart. 

But of course, realistically a girl, to be in a beauty pageant has got to have the basic qualifications. And by that, I am rather thankful and grateful to have God granted me this opportunity to be part of this beautiful and exciting journey. It is definitely an open road for me to find the right route. 


 I will be updating you guys about my journey in Beauty Camp where all the 19 girls will be competing to be in the running for the next Miss Universe Malaysia 2012. Do SHARE and LIKE my page as my destiny lies in your hands. This time, Malaysia will be choosing their favourite Malaysian girl as their next Queen.

My Page: Mags at Beauty Camp: Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 

p/s: This post has been long overdue. Been in my draft for almost 2 weeks! Forgive my delay. Everything has been put to a halt due to this competition. Promise that I will be updating as much as possible!

Stay tuned!


wintergurl said...

Good luck . you are so lucky

Anonymous said...

Hi magdalene , you dont know me but I sure you know my dad he was your sejarah teacher