Friday, June 12, 2009

The Stone And I

I can be as lifeless a stone you know? HAHA. (why stone? I dont know)

Having the thought of it, i think i haven't been doing anything worthwhile nor anything meaningful during the holidays. Watching his tournaments are the EXCEPTIONS.

Aha! I have. Taking bus all the way back to Johor only to know that I wasn't actually needed there. Great? HAHA. This is way way too insane. 7hours journey for nothing.

And I wonder why haven't I start studying for my coming SPM? Well, brain's still not functioning i guess. LOL. Hell yeah. I'm so gonna work my ass out man. Like digg it out! Seriously. I dont know. Its just so wierd. Education is just something I feel like giving up at times. Somebody tell me why?

Oh and the prom. It seem like EVERYBODY in Ipoh is gonna attend it. One thing its a success. Good thing that is (: HAHA.

found this in my DSLR.
I was at the streets of Shanghai and THIS caught my attention.

I don't know why I feel like biding a goodbye but sometimes I just wanna hold you tight that nobody would snatch you away. But sometimes the distance between us just hold us apart. But sometimes it makes us like the SWEETEST thing on earth. And sometimes I just feel like wanna jump off the 100th floor and end everything. Its insane. Its making me insane! Nobody's gonna pull us apart. We might argue like nobody's business and its like everyday. Even the smallest thing, we could make a big fuss about it. I won't ask you to bring me the moon in the sky or walk around the world in a day. All i want is just your heart and nothing else. Your heart is the only thing that matters to me. Can I say I have the BestAwesomeFantastic Boyfriend in the world? Yes I would want that (:

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