Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coming home

Once again, I'm leaving johor. Hooray.

One week's holiday's gone just like that? Oh well. Things aren't getting so well these days.
I have a pimple on my chest ( How good is that? )

Having a family trip to genting, camerons, penang and i dont know where else.
Our journey starts tomorrow (:
Frankly, I'm more excited to get my ass back to ipoh. To see My Boyfriend!

I was so so so lucky that mum really fetch me all the way to Batu Pahat which took roughly 70minutes drive from JB.
Thanks MUM!
So so excited to see my boyfriend there (: Really.
The feeling was like the first time i met him. HAHA. Nono. Maybe our first date. LOL.

Okay. The dress turned out pretty good. I think I looked like a model. Whoops. haha.

I miss you babydarling.

And people! I miss you guys weh. So gonna hang out with you guys when i get back (:


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