Monday, January 26, 2009

a prosperous NIU start :D

A new year. THE OX YEAR :) another new start i suppose. chor yatt today and unfortunately, i cant feel a thing. other than gettin' to wear my new clothes and shoes and of course, GETTING ANGPAUS :))

brought along my baby, D80.

my shots mutters it all .. lmao :P

i find this one very attractive and i dont know why :) i loved the effect of my cam.

granny's house :)
[thats tiffany - in red]

firecrackers - i'm afraid :S

from right to left : FRENCHMAN, JAPANESE, MALAYSIAN :D
(fyi, the one in red is taken by the one in cheongsam.heh)

truly reunion :D

going off

i think i ate alot. NO. i DID. rofl.

i think this particular one turned out nice too. haha.

michael took this. a lil shaky though.

i'm proud to say that 'WE'RE THE WANGs'


stereotype and i know but still, its NICE :)

Dad was the first to start GRABBING!
he said 'aiyo, hungry lahh'.

cousin, gibson wang :)

and once again,

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