Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye my LOVE

I don't really wanna say goodbye,
I don't really wanna leave you,
But now I have to go away,
Stay away from you forever,
I missed the moments we had together,
I missed the way you hold my hand,
The times we laughed,
And the times we cried, together..
But im confused right now,
What is the feeling i have??
I seem to love you,
But other times i seem to loathe you,
I can't be without you,
Or maybe just without anyone,
I think about you all the time,
But why do I have this feeling?
I long for your voice,
And i would die to hear your laugh,
But is this LOVE?
Or merely LUST?
What we had was something special,
No one would ever understand,
Deep down from our hearts,
We'll know,
But now I have to go away,
And leave you from my heart.

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