Friday, January 23, 2009


Obsession is something i always wonder :)
I seriously do not understand the reason why.WHY?
How can people spend 24/7 playing SNOOKER?
I can't see whats so amusing or perhaps alluring??
laughs out loud
I personally conclude that SNOOKER brings nudity.
[ oh so random :P ]

And SNOOKER is opened to all ages creatures ?

SNOOKER brings rivals
[ nah ah. no good ]

Can i hit the WHITE one into the holes??
why can't I?

I ain't voicing out my dissatisfaction towards snooker. ( oh mann, i'm crapping )
Maybe i should try SNOOKING one day :D
i asked dad ,
ME : Dad, do u know SNOOKER?
DAD: Of course daddy knows. I'm very good at it wan okayy?? Remember when daddy always bring you out with daddy when you're a lil girl??
ME : Really?? I knew how to play?? (i was wondering how come i couldn't rmb)

DAD : Nola. You were only busy collecting the balls.
ME : Ohh. cheh =.=" D, how come my friends gets crazy over it? Play like nobody's business.
DAD : Aiya, you won't understand la.I also play till dawn all the time.
ME : Cheh. ( i was saying "same species" to myself .hehe. )
DAD : Okla. Next time i'll teach you.
ME : Ok la. ( wasn't amused by the offer. lmao. )

After all, its just SNOOKER :P

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