Monday, January 19, 2009

Isreal, please stop :'(

After the Isreal bombardment, the Gazans are facing humanatrian crisis :(
why is this happening?? where are HUMAN RIGHTS??
and i really have to say WHAT THE FUCK? even the Gaza Officials are unwilling to take part in food distributions just because they're worried that they could be considered legitimate targets by the Isreali military??

i think i'm the last one on earth to know about this ISSUE. i suck :(
where is the LOVE??
where is PEACE??
where is LIFE??
Whats with all the air strikes and bombs?
Having too much and have got no other way to spend em ON?
oh come ON.

I've been thinking myself for the past few days and i've came to a conclusion :)
i want to donate :D

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