Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the times TOGETHER :)

I know I have a cousin..
To turn to..when I'm blue..
A cousin who is there for me..
In everything i do
Its such a source of comfort..
Such a treasure to be sure..
It makes the problems that i face..
Much easier to endure
And when i'm feeling joyful..
Taking everything in stride..
It's uplifting to share laughter..
With my cousin by my side
Though words are never enough..
The message that i send..
Is that I feel blessed to have you..
As my cousin and my friend :)

cousins for life, tiff! :))

somebody took this when i was freaking cold..shaking like mad.haha. tiff laughed.
i think i look lika retard from the north pole.haha.

we eat together
we walk together
we jog together
we bath together
we share almost everything together..
joy, sorrow, laughter, tears and MADNESS ;)
glad to have you,tiff :))

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