Monday, December 1, 2008

bad HAIR its MONTHS!

well,mum said ' U BOTH BETTER GO FOR A HAIRCUT!!'

and that 'phrase' had changed my life within few BLINKS!!

*blink blink blink* long hair's now gone.and im bob-headed.(for goodness sake,mag) i bet thats what some people might say.haha.and whats WORSE?? said he couldn't accept the FACT that i cut my hair SHORT.
actually,i think i look okay it really that BADD?? :(((
im emotionally HURT.and mentally distressed over this matter.(NAH, kidding!) haha.
im so not gonna upload any of my pics already.tsk tsk.thanks to you,mr.ONG.


p/s: i need you guy's sincere comment about my hair when you see it. thanksalot :)

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