Monday, December 22, 2008

i say NO to aneroxics.

whats wrong with you girls?? lol. i aint being offending alright?? this is just my way of thinking girls that rather starve themselves.WHAT FOR?? to be like this?gosh.i dont find these form of beauty, beautiful in ANY way.seriously.and obviously very unhealthy.please stop torturing your body.awww..poor girls. (haha)

bones wrapped with skin?? *shrugs.

well, maybe this one had gone a LIL too far. boobless??
woman with NO curves??

and so, steph and i..trying to prove that we say NO to aneroxics..

we did whats just right.haha.


( being very annoying, i

bihun for dinner.haha.

mag : hey.let go your leg.gosh.
steph: no.YOU let go!
(trying to climb the monkey bar)

well,i seriously agree that 'monkey's can actually climb.unlike the 'pig's.HAHA.

you see?? :))))

okay.this one im being really retarded.haha.

BERHENTI. faham??
(whats with the ultraman pose?? rofl)

i looked round.haha.with air in my

warming up ;)

this have practically been my daily routine when im stucked here in jb.haha.
hopefully it'll show some results.
im not trying to be thin nor skinny.haha.

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