Friday, December 5, 2008

grandma memang ada style.

went to granny's house for dinner. missed the steamed eggs and szechuan vege :) haha.

okay..talking about grandma's style aite??alright.i went to the toilet and well..i met a small lil creature which was actually harmless ;P but its DISGUSTING and i was digusted. ohya,fyi it was just a LIZARD.wait,not JUST a lizard. its a lizard!!!!

i ran out and told yanti,THE MAID (familiar huh? lol)

me : yanti!! itu toilet ada itu lah..
yanti : eeeeya..itu apa?
me : itu lah.neh..itu err..lizard.itu itu..oh.itu cicak lah.
yanti : o.mana dia??
me : neh.sana sana.
yanti : okeh okeh.

( she went and took hot boiling water)

me : ha?? awak mau buat apa wor??
yanti : ah ma ajar punya.bagi dia ayer panas lo.
me : yer.boleh punya meh??

( she pour on the poor lil creature - it turned WHITE!)
i think its cooked.eww.

yanti : okeh.sudah.
me : omg.sorry lizard.i didnt mean to kill you.YANTI did! eh,ah ma ajar awak ah??
yanti : eeeeya.ah ma slalu buat gitu.
me : walao.sakit leh..
yanti : mesti bunuh lo.


well,apparently thats what my granny does each time she spot a itu ahh..oh.cicak.hehe.fuh-la-ma.HOW COME I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT?? lol.

fyi,my bm isnt that bad alright?? i was just adapting to the environment.yanti cant understand standard BM larh. HAHA.

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