Friday, January 24, 2014

2014, I'm back!

Oh yes, I am still well and alive!

It's almost unbelievable how fast time flies. It's already 2014! Say WHUTTT! Whatever happened in 2013, can someone remind me? Actually no, I need a fresh start! HAHA. 

Hmmm, I need a lil breather to think of where to start. 

So, I've been having my summer holidays since November and my 7th semester is about to commence in March. Many asked what I've been up to. Well, obviously being the usual me ; I wouldn't take up any full time job at the moment because I am enjoying the flexibility of being a freelancer *haha*. Plus, my radio job has taken up most of my weekends! So, I usually just hit the gym, read some books, attend castings/auditions/meetings, chill at home mostly really and sorting out my weekly schedule. My first week of January started pretty well though. 

Flew over to Sabah for a week to film a movie. Well, it's not my first time acting but my first involvement in an international production ; which super duper excites me! I was told that the movie will be showing in theaters in Malaysia soon (sometime after CNY I reckon) and I can't wait! My role was very minor, but hey! We all gotta start somewhere :) I will keep you guys posted on that! 

Candy , Emily, Gabs from Hong Kong and Leng Yein! Dream team ;) 
On another note, remember the chinese game show I filmed for a couple of months ago? It's called Splash Fiesta 水舞全城 and its now showing on TV2, every Friday at 6pm! I'm not sure which episode I'm in but be sure to catch it. It's gonna be really funny to watch myself speak Mandarin on national television though, that's a first! If you're wondering what exactly the show is about, well is basically like a Malaysian version of WIPEOUT. Be ready to laugh till your abs hurt ; I remember slipping off a couple of times! :P 

Crystal, from M-Girls (四个女生) & I battling it out! Remember watching her when I was a kid , kinda starstrucked! :P 
It's quite impossible to go in details with everything, so I'm just gonna briefly scan through whatever that my braincells can process at this hour (oh, the consequences of being a major procrastinator). Honestly, so much happened that I really really don't know where to begin! Let's go bit by bit, shall we? Since I recently got back from Singapore for a weekend retreat, let's just get into that! 

I absolutely love travelling, be it doing it the VIP style with all things 5-star or just backpacking to wherever; I'm good to go! I love getting myself immersed into the difference cultures and lifestyles. Sabah was my first time and I absolutely loved it! Plus, being able to work with the crews from China (mostly Shanghai and Beijing) was quite an eye-opening experience for me too! I'm absolutely blessed that one of the many perks of my job ; is being able to travel! No complaints :P 

So, back to Singapore. It was super impromptu. Coincidentally it was a non-working weekend for me, so I immediately agreed to go! Weekend retreat, done right! HEHE. Had so much fun with Nat (yes, Natalia Tangling, formerly known as Natalia Mei if you must ask) HAHA (sorry Nat, I had to :P). The entire trip, we were pretty much stuffed to the brim. I don't remember being hungry AT ALL. From Lei Gardens for dinner the moment we arrived, Wild Honey for brunch the next day, and then Yakiniku Yawaza for the best yakiniku in town (HANDS DOWN!), and of course, the awesome hotel breakfast which I regret not waking up earlier for... (dang it). 

Quick brunch at my favourite cafe in KLIA, Cafe Barbera. 
Our first stop right after we landed was Chijmes. I was absolutely in awe with the beautifully structured buildings ( in the heart of the city! how precious). It once housed a Catholic convent school known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), and hence CHIJMES! If you haven't been to this place, you ought to visit at least once. A Singaporean friend of mine made a pretty funny remark though "How can they commercialize this place?! It's making it from holy to sinful leh!". Well, at least they didn't turn it into a nightclub! That'd be worst! Decent cafes and restaurants are still pretty acceptable in my opinion! :) 

The next day, we headed over to Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery for brunch. Holy smokes! Their Eggs Benedict were heavenly. Kinda regretted I didn't order that but my Big Breakfast wasn't too shabby either. Definitely worth trying and I'm most certainly making another visit when I'm in Sg next! It's usually full-house especially during weekends, so it's better for you to make a reservation prior! We had to wait for at least 30mins before getting our table. 

My partner-in-crime for the weekend! Teehee. 
Haha such posers! 
A lot of skills were needed for this one shot I tell ya! ;P 
Ok, this one was candid. HONEST! 
At Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery. 
While waiting in-line for our table, we took a visit at this mini Art Gallery next door. I've always enjoyed Art but unfortunately, not quite born with the talent of spontaneity when it comes to.. painting/drawing. Plus, I have extremely short attention span ; so I'll probably never be able to complete anything. I still remember those days when I attended Art class, I'll always be the last to finish. Hmm, actually.. I was probably a little perfectionista. That's why! Perhaps its time I dig up my old  work of Art! :P  Should be interesting.  Speaking of Art, the weekend we're in Singapore was already the week they had Art Stage Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. Too bad we didn't have enough time for that! A little bummed, but there's always next time! :) 

Of all the Artwork, this particular sculpture caught my attention. I mean, these sculptures. It's called AIBUDAO, and its a collaboration between Ai Wei Wei & Eric So. Apparently they cost about 200K SGD, 400K SGD and 600K SGD respectively! 

"Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei collaborated with Hong Kong-based toy designer Eric So on a series of sculptures for the Singapore Museum of Art and Design’s booth at Art Stage Singapore. The series, titled ‘Aibudao,’ means ‘unlovable’ in Chinese and refers to the artist’s nude studio portrait series." - Brock Cardiner, HIGHSNOBEITY. 

Nat doing her thang! 
And back to our brunch! These pictures do no justice to the food. You really need to go try it for yourself if you haven't already! I've said this before but I'm gonna say it again "I went to heaven and came back.. craving for more!" [Dang it, probably not a good idea to blog at this hour. I'm hungry.. again!] 
THE EGGS BENEDICT ; capslock was necessary! HAHA. 

Later that night, Nat brought me to Fullerton Bay and we had a good stroll by the bay, overlooking Marina Bay Sands! How ROMANTIC! :P The view was absolutely picturesque. I have been to Singapore so many times but Fullerton Bay was a first! We definitely had a good time catching up over fruit punches (we both can pretty much KO with just a glass of wine, so alcohol wasn't a very good idea since we had to cab back to our hotel HAHA). To sum it up, it was a GREAT SATURDAY NIGHT! 

Since it's almost impossible to say NO to good food, the only alternative is to burn it off! And being the usual fitness junkie that we are, we DID make time for gym despite being on vacation! Talk about discipline and determination. Nat was definitely a great motivation because if it weren't for her, I would've probably slept off in the room (after such a long day of walking!). We both had a good 30minutes run on the treadmill and then some circuit exercises after, and of course a gooooood stretch after a great workout! I must admit that I've gained a few pounds over the past couple of months. And I am definitely working my way to eliminate those love handles! Dreading to have my bikini body back! I'm already on the roll, adjusting to my healthy lifestyle again, getting back on track! I'll definitely keep you guys posted on another episode of "FROM FAT TO FIT". It's in the making and coming your way!
Phew, that was quite a long post. Anyway, I will be keeping y'all posted on my fitness progress on my INSTAGRAM (@magdelinewang) and my Facebook Page, MAGDELINE WANG. Feel free to follow me on my journey towards a fitter ME! :) 

It's almost 2am now and I shall head to bed. One of the many reasons why I gained so much weight was the consequent late nights! Not gonna let history repeat itself. So, it's goodnight for now! Cheerio x 

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