Saturday, June 2, 2012

MAG-IN-THE-MAG! | Monash Gazette

"Ahh, should've asked for a final review before they published the pictures",  I initially thought. 

But whats done is done and I must say, considering the time constraint; it was a good wrap. I'm pretty certain these pictures are already familiar to most of you; posted up a couple of 'sneak peek' months ago. And TADAHH! My first 5-pages feature in a magazine ( how i wish its actually for Vogue or Harpers Bazaar #wishfulthinking). 

Nonetheless, kudos to the peeps behind the scenes! Looking forward for more feature-opportunities.

Unfortunately its only for internal circulation (Monash's publication) but looking on the bright side, the world wont have to see my non-airbrushed pictures (phew!). I swear I can see my pimple and very prominent black heads. Stating the obvious -.- Tsk! 

You can also access to MONGAonline here.

#FunFacts: MONGA is the abbreviation for the MONASH GAZETTE. 

Pages #1 & #2 

Page #3 & #4 

Page #5

My time in Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 may be over and done but, I'm glad that I still have something that would remind me of the good times. Reason why I'm forever on a conquest to capture everything; for everyday would one day become history. And I wouldn't want mine, forgotten. 

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes pictures! 

Hair & make-up: Done by yours truly
Apparels: Details on the magazine 
Accessories: Diva 
Shoes: Model's own 

The two lovely ladies who made it happen: Yulia & Munira. 

Finals are approaching and all these 24/7 studying has definitely taken a toll on my body. Wish I could drag on this post but priorities first :( Will be resuming on blogging as soon as I'm done with my 3 final papers. In the mean time, wish me luck and have a great start to June! Its already the 6th month of 2012, can you even imagine? Time flew by too quickly.


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