Thursday, June 21, 2012

Edgy Wed

[Short snappy post] 

Felt abit edgy today. Didn't wanna wear any of the plain white tees & that's when my Christian Audigier came in handy ;) Put on my biker's jacket and a black Armani jeans. If only I had my Harley Davidson to complete my look! 

Thank you momsy Ooi for the tee! Mad love! 


Totally dig this pair of Ed Hardy Forever Dydo Boots. 

One of those days when you feel like smiling isn't the way to go. Sometimes, faking a smile & move on is probably the only choice you have. I have so much gushing through my mind and yet, feeling totally incapable of doing them all at once. Anyway!

p/s: I hope the interview/audition went well. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can't wait to share the good news. 

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Anonymous said...

HI! your makeup is so natural,how do you do it?!